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October 05, 2016

The Better Local Government Association compiled their own how-to-vote ballot papers.

The Better Local Government Association has compiled its own how-to-vote card and distributed 17000 throughout the community and online with the hope of reducing informal votes and advising on its pick of the candidates.

The distributed material numbers the association’s ideal candidates from one to 29 and comes in the absence of candidate how-to-vote cards being included in postal voting packs.

Three of the outgoing council have been named in the top nine on the vote card, while two others running have been positioned last and second last.

Les Oroszvary has been named as the association’s dream mayor, with Dinny Adem and Fern Summer named as worthy of another four years.

Bruce Giovanetti, Dallas Moore, Rod Schubert, Jason Kelly, Shelley Sutton and Anthony Brophy round out the association’s ideal council, according to the how-to-vote card distributed.

Each of the top nine candidates preferenced was given a reason for their high placement, an outline of what skill or level of experience the association believed they could bring to the council.

Chris Hazelman was numbered preference number 28, while Jenny Houlihan was given number 29.

Association president Gordon Hamilton remained complimentary of the field running, stressing he would be pleased with any nine of about 15 of the candidates seeking election.

The association’s card was compiled based on individual performances at a recent candidates forum, feedback given from attendees following the forum and input from association members.

Mr Hamilton stressed that preferences in this month’s October 22 election would ‘‘be so important’’.

He believed some candidate how-to-vote cards did not reflect the candidate’s view of its best council, but rather preferenced in a way more likely to ‘‘help get (them) over the line’’.

Mr Hamilton said it was telling that of the ballot sheets submitted at the end of the recent forum, many only had candidates named one through nine: something he believes could be symptomatic of the high number of informal votes received at the 2012 election and a broader difficulty in completing the ballots correctly.

‘‘A lot of people just don’t engage,’’ he said of the voting public.

‘‘They don’t know the process.’’

The BLGA president said Mr Schubert, Mr Giovanetti, Mr Moore and councillors Oroszvary and Summer all performed well in the feedback sheets received at the forum.

‘‘We felt the people who were fresh candidates got a better reaction than existing councillors.

‘‘So many (people) don’t want old hatreds and bickering,’’ he said.

‘‘You need new people, fresh people to do that.’’

Mr Hamilton said Mr Adem was a candidate who the association believed had performed well as mayor and deserved another term on the council.

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