Troy Van Den Akker

September 30, 2016

Troy Van Den Akker

Rubbish is the focus of Mr Van Den Akker’s campaign.

The accountant says he has been angered by the sight of illegally dumped rubbish in Shepparton and believes the problem is caused by the lack of hard rubbish collections, as well as rubbish tip costs and fees.

Mr Van Den Akker wants kerbside hard rubbish collections to be introduced, especially for those who don’t have access to a trailer or utility.

He says his background in accountancy is a strength, particularly in ensuring rate rises are kept to a minimum and council focuses spending on important areas.

Mr Van Den Akker wants to work with industry professionals in the fight against drugs by supporting the development of a rehabilitation centre.

His campaign focus is on the development of more youth and multicultural education events, and development of all towns within Greater Shepparton.

He wants to work with those involved to find a solution to revive the CBD.

Mr Van Den Akker says although the decision has been made, the new SAM building is a vanity project and he believes the money could be better utilised.

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