Bruce Little

September 30, 2016

Bruce Little

Mr Little will make his fourth bid to win a seat on Greater Shepparton City Council next month.

He has lived in Shepparton for 50 years and during that time has been the managing director of three successful companies.

Mr Little says he believes Shepparton needs a good spring clean, including work on the city’s footpaths.

He says he would be a councillor for the working man and the person with common sense and would aim to remove from council the influences which have had a domineering effect on other councillors.

Mr Little says instead of spending tens of millions of dollars on Shepparton Art Museum, the council should be concentrating on fixing roads.

If elected, he says he would focus on scrapping the new SAM, turning attention to city infrastructure and reducing wastage.

He says council should be more transparent and should not hold meetings behind closed doors.

Mr Little says for major issues, the council should be turning to ratepayers for their opinions.

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