Imran Syed

September 30, 2016

Imran Syed

Dr Syed says he will seek to work towards less wastage of ratepayers’ money, education, youth engagement and employment, better services for migrants and senior citizens, shelter for domestic violence victims, the revitalisation of the Shepparton CBD, funding for public housing, and inclusive community development.

He says his experience in health care, the not-for-profit sector, community and leadership development stand him in good stead to meet the need to lead Shepparton to sound management and prosperity.

Dr Syed says he believes Shepparton needs a new approach, rather than having things done the way they have been in the past.

He has served as Victoria police chaplain and AFL multicultural ambassador.

Dr Syed says he will listen and be accountable to ratepayers, representing their interests and improving their community.

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