Bruce Giovanetti

September 30, 2016

Former ConnectGV chief executive Bruce Giovanetti is standing for Greater Shepparton City Council.

Bruce Giovanetti

Mr Giovanetti says he wants to be part of a Greater Shepparton City Council with less red tape, that achieves city revitalisation and better outcomes for the municipality.

He says semi-retirement gives him the time to contribute to the community where he has chosen to retire.

Mr Giovanetti worked for more than two decades at Connect GV to grow a service for those with an intellectual disability.

He was also a former Shire of Alexandra councillor and would come to the Greater Shepparton City Council with governance knowledge.

Mr Giovanetti says if he would work to unify the council, reducing the level of red tape within its processes and improving the city’s entrepreneurial outlook, rather than relying on rates within the sphere of rate-capping legislation.

He says among his highest priorities is the revitalisation of Shepparton’s CBD to improve traders’ prospects.

Mr Giovanetti is concerned about proposed cuts to respite care and the impact on families, and suggests council funds that were spent on investigations would have been better spent on services such as respite.

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